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Apart from cost reduction and quality improvement, product innovation is one of the core elements of business strategy among manufacturing companies, no matter they are in the emerging industries like electric vehicles, mobile and telecommunications or in the conventional industries including sanitary ware and toys. And a prime way to create competitive advantage is to introduce an advanced material on their new products to bring out their unique product features.

May the requirements be in mechanical, conductivity, corrosion resistance, electroplating or anodizing performance, a custom alloy with modified material composition and die-casting process could make dreams come true. Lee Kee Group has invested in building a cross-disciplinary R&D team for over a decade. The team has strong experience of collaborating with manufacturers, engineers and product designers. By discussing their desired product features and performance specifications,  the team comes up an array of new alloys that meet both their requirements and international standards.

In the era of fiercely global competition, Lee Kee Group upholds its core values of forward-looking innovation and value creation. From conceptualization, testing, trial to mass production, we help our clients overcome the complexity in the new alloy development and application.

Equipped with advanced laboratory equipment, digital system, as well as a pilot line for trial production in Hong Kong, we shorten the time needed for laboratory sample tests, pilot tests and evaluation, and pre-production tests significantly.

We also adopt digital technologies to collect and exchange comprehensive data from manufacturing and quality systems for statistical evaluation and planning analysis. Our well-established system facilitates the efficiency and effectiveness in project management, staying on top of the progress to bring our clients the desired results.

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