By making use of big data and advanced data management, Lee Kee develops strategic supply chain solutions integrating robust warehousing and transportation management.

With extensive supply chain network in Greater China and ASEAN region, our logistics centres coordinate speedy, reliable and cost effective delivery to customers by sea or by trucks. Our stable supply along with flexible delivery/pick up services reduce our customers’ production costs.

What’s more, we are accredited as an “Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)” by the Customs and Excise Department. This status allows us to enjoy various trade facilitation privileges such as less Customs inspection, prioritized Customs clearance, further strengthening our efficiency and competitiveness in supply chain management. Our accredited companies include:

  • Lee Kee Metal Co., Ltd.
  • Lee Fung Metal Co., Ltd.
  • Lee Kee International Ltd.
  • Essense Metal (Asia) Co., Ltd


Lee Kee Metal Co., Ltd.
Lee Fung Metal Co., Ltd.
Lee Kee International Ltd.
Essense Metal (Asia) Co., Ltd

Ms. Clara Chan, CEO of Lee Kee Group, was invited to the Customs and Excise Department’s interview to share the experience of Lee Kee being an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).


Lee Kee received the
Outstanding Import & Export
Enterprise Award in 2015.

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