Drawing on over 20 years of problem-solving experience across die-casting and manufacturing industries, we have learned the value of customising our services to meet evolving industry needs in order to add value to our clients’ operation efficiency and deliver results, even in the most challenging situations.

Promet Consultancy is composed of a team of chemistry, materials, and industrial engineering experts who have offered solutions to various kinds of metals challenges, from metal selection to alloy customization, from failure analysis, production process enhancement to technical training.

Our professionals always look to deliver practical, fit-for-purpose solutions to complex metal-related problems faced by manufacturers, die-casters, and brand owners. We successfully build trusting and open relationships with our clients, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Our Technical Consultancy Services Include:

  • Failure analysis of casting defects
  • Novel alloy development for specific requirements
  • Mold design for die-castings
  • Mold flow simulation
  • Molten metal quality management
  • Factory audit for process optimization
  • In-house training on testing, process automation
  • Sustainable production design and management

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