Our Group offers a broad portfolio of quality metals including commodities zinc, aluminium, nickel, copper as well as zinc alloy, aluminium alloy, stainless steel and electroplating chemicals. Apart from distributing top quality products around the globe, Lee Kee has her own brand metal products – Mastercast, GZ, SA and LMP – which represent premium quality and reliability, years of experience and product expertise.

The Group’s cross-disciplinary R&D team has strong experience of collaborating with manufacturers, engineers and product designers. By discussing their desired product features and performance specifications, the team comes up a wide array of new alloys that meet not only their requirements but international industry standards.

Promet Metals Testing Laboratory is the first laboratory in Hong Kong accredited in Metals and Metallic Alloys category by HOKLAS. Promet is also an approved LME Listed Sampler and Assayer (LSA) for pure zinc, aluminium, and aluminium alloys. It is also qualified to conduct CS2 tests for construction industry. Promet’s composition test and failure analysis have been widely acclaimed across industries for its reliability, insights and professionalism.

With their rich experience tackling technical challenges across different industries, Promet Consultancy brings latest knowledge and expertise to both die-casters and manufacturers. May you want to look into the root cause of a defective component, conduct an operation audit to improve quality and cost effectiveness or build an alloy to fit a specific application, Promet’s technical team has what it requires to help you achieve your goals.