Genesis Alloys achieved a remarkable milestone as a Science and Technology Enterprise

Genesis Alloys achieved a remarkable milestone as a Science and Technology Enterprise

Feb 21, 2024

Genesis Alloys (Ningbo) Limited, member of Lee Kee Group, has been promoting innovation and advancing scientific and technological advancement. We are pleased to announce the accreditation of “Science and Technology Enterprise” by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

With our unwavering dedication on “We Create Value Solutions Beyond Metals” and collaborative efforts with different industries, this remarkable milestone has proven our effort contributed a significant advancement in scientific and technological innovation.

To be acknowledged as a provincial science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, we met stringent criteria, which include.

  1. actively promote innovation and entrepreneurship,
  2. accelerate the progress in cultivating toward technology based.
  3. procession of certain scientific and technological ability, proprietary technology, or advanced knowledge.
  4. The company has an intense sense of innovation, pioneering research and development, and implementation of innovative technologies across various industries, and more.

This is a significant factor in fostering new forces in the new era in promoting high-quality development, supporting, and leading the small and medium-sized technological enterprises to accelerate innovative development for an unrivalled competitiveness.

With a great leap forward in innovation, Genesis Alloys (Ningbo) Limited will continue to appear as trailblazers in this always changing world of technology adoption and drive the industry towards a better future.

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