Lee Kee Group’s Customer Excellence Summit at HKU Shenzhen was a huge success

Lee Kee Group’s Customer Excellence Summit at HKU Shenzhen was a huge success

JULY 05, 2023

Lee Kee Group’s Annual Customer Excellence Summit, held at the Shenzhen campus of the University of Hong Kong’s School of Business, was a resounding success.

The group was honored to invite distinguished guests to share their insights on ESG-related topics. The event began with a welcoming speech from Ms. Clara Chan, CEO of Lee Kee Group, followed by presentations from Mr. Richard Lin, Partner, Carbon Management and EU Green Deal, HK (SAR), KPMG China; Orange Ju, Director, HKU Business School Shenzhen Campus; Ms. Wendy Lo, Procurement Strategy Planner and Mr. Alex Li, Senior Technical Engineer of Lee Kee Group, who shared their insights on sustainable development in the era of new industrialization.
Lee Kee Group is committed to leading the development of the metals industry and creating value-added solutions and has always been on top of the latest trends.

Based on sound Corporate Governance, Talent Development, and Community Engagement, Lee Kee Group focuses on Innovative Products, Sustainable Manufacturing, and Responsible Supply Chain Management, steadfastly adhering to the principles of sustainable development and striving to lead the industry towards this direction.

The summit also featured several interactive questions, inviting attending delegates to vote for their views on future sustainable development and operations. The group was pleased to learn that most delegates have already embarked on their ESG journeys and are looking for more trainings to further develop their sustainable development efforts in multiple areas.

The attending delegates’ cautious optimism about the economic prospects, suggests tremendous possibilities for business growth for Lee Kee Group.

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