Lee Kee Group is one of the largest sourcing and distribution companies in Asia, specializing in non-ferrous metals, electroplating chemicals, precious metals and stainless steel. Since 1947, the company is committed to innovation and established a solid foundation and good reputation in the industry. Now playing an important role in metals industry, Lee Kee connects mining companies, international metals producers and die-casting factories, all of whom rely on Lee Kee for its world-class supply, sourcing and logistics, as well as wide-ranging value-added services.

Having grown in parallel with Hong Kong over the past 60 years, Lee Kee today serves as a key intermediary between international non-ferrous metal suppliers and customers throughout China and Southeast Asia. Lee Kee's full product range also includes zinc, aluminium, nickel and electroplating chemicals, precious metals and stainless steel. In all its business operations, Lee Kee is committed to its goal of becoming one of the world's leading integrated supply chain companies serving the international non-ferrous metals industry - a unique "one-stop" solution that also offers customers the value-added services they need to thrive and prosper.
Lee Kee Metal began as a metal scrap trading company in 1947. With a view of the growing market demand for industrial metal supplies, Lee Kee established its own smelter in the 1960s to produce a proprietary brand of zinc alloys. In the process, the company became the first zinc alloy supplier in Hong Kong.

By the 1970s, Hong Kong's rapid industrial growth had created strong demand for high-quality metals. In 1975, to serve the needs of the fast-growing die-cast industry, Lee Kee introduced the EZDA range of zinc alloys from Australia's Zinifex Limited (formerly known as Electrolytic Zinc Company of Australasia Limited and subsequently Pasmico Limited until 2004 and now is a member of Nystar Ltd.).Later, during the 1980s and 1990s, Lee Kee's operations expanded significantly with the creation of strategic new subsidiaries, including Lee Kee Metal Company Limited, Lee Sing Materials Company Limited, Lee Fung Metal Company Limited and ^Lee Tai Precious Metal Company Limited. In parallel with this structural growth, Lee Kee's product range also diversified and grew to include zinc ingots, zinc alloys, aluminium ingots, aluminium alloys, magnesium, copper, nickel, electroplating chemicals and precious metals.

Over the decades, Lee Kee is committed to innovation and self-improvement. During the technologically advanced years of the 1990s, Lee Kee was one of the first non-ferrous metal trading companies in Hong Kong to use a sophisticated computer network to provide customers with real-time price quotations and up-to-date market information. Later, to grow with the Hong Kong industries into the PRC , Lee Kee began actively participating in the PRC exhibitions and industry events, exploring new markets and generating new business opportunities in the die-casting industry in the PRC.

Since its establishment in 1997, Lee Kee Group Limited has taken Lee Kee's operations to a new level and affirmed the company's status as a world-class corporation. This powerful foundation also enables Lee Kee to offer market-leading, one-stop services that help its customers achieve cost-effective, highly efficient production processes.

Lee Kee also participates in the production aspect by partnering with Zinifex to set up a zinc alloy manufacturing factory in Ningbo, China named Genesis Alloy (Ningbo) Limited. Genesis is the first foreign-invested zinc alloy manufacturing company in the PRC, which uses western technology in alloy manufacturing. This visionary new enterprise fully conforms to international standards of environmental protection and employee safety regulations, operating state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that are closely monitored by Zinifex engineers.

In 2006, Lee Kee Holdings Limited, a member of Lee Kee Group, was successfully listed on the Main Broad of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

In 2007, Lee Yip Metal Products Ltd. becomes a member of Lee Kee Group and specializes in distribution and processing of quality stainless steel.

In order to expand the China market and provide comprehensive services, Lee Kee set up sales and distribution centers of LKG Elite (Shenzhen) Ltd., LKG Elite (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch, LKG Elite (Guangzhou) Ltd. and LKG Elite (Wuxi) Ltd. in Eastern and Southern China region.

In 2009, Promet Metals Testing Laboratory (a member of Lee Kee Group) is the first laboratory accredited by The Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) in Hong Kong.
Today, Lee Kee enjoys an enviable reputation in the industry. It is one of the largest metal suppliers in Asia, with a business network that includes the Greater China Region, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. It is now the major zinc alloy importer to the PRC, the sales of zinc alloy accounting for more than 70% of total imported zinc alloy in the 5 consecutive years. Its advanced production technology and impeccable sales service further strengthen this leading position in the Greater China market.
Over half a century in the non-ferrous metals business, Lee Kee has grown far beyond manufacturing and trading operations. Today, it offers comprehensive value-added services to its customers throughout the supply chain. The company's extensive sourcing and distribution network now consists of major suppliers from around the world, with customers in more than 20 industries. This comprehensive network enables it to provide customers with Integrated Value Added Services (IVAS) that are unparalleled in the non-ferrous metals industry.

Lee Kee's unique IVAS are designed to address customers' wide-ranging business needs. Utilising its abundant resources and extensive business network, Lee Kee's customer services now include metal processing, global sourcing, shipping and transportation, inventory management, customerservices, market intelligence, technical support and chemical testing and analysis . These sophisticated IVAS ensure that customers enjoy one-stop, multi-dimensional support that seamlessly fits their business operations. Ultimately, customers find that these IVAS reduce their costs, enhance their production efficiency and streamline their sales mechanisms.
Lee Kee believes in corporate citizenship and the need to support the communities in which it operates. To achieve this, it helps promote local industries, provides educational sponsorship to a new generation of professionals and maintains strong relations with all its shareholders and stakeholders.
Lee Kee is committed to its vision of becoming the world's leading supplier of non-ferrous metals. To achieve this, it will further strengthen its partnerships with international suppliers and manufacturers, ultimately creating a world-class supply chain network that provides unparalleled competitive advantages to its partners and customers. Indeed, by meeting the fast-growing demands of non-ferrous metals markets in the PRC and other parts of the world, Lee Kee will continue to secure its position as an acclaimed provider of the world's leading products and integrated one-stop supply chain management services.

With over 60 years of experience, Lee Kee is proud of its strong foundation and is committed to remaining a business innovator: providing the highest quality metals for the die-casting industry, offering technical support services that customers can depend on, and venturing into new markets with global partners.

Environmental Statement
Lee Kee Group is committed to environmental protection and its management on impacts arising from the daily operations. The Group aims to conserve energy and natural resources, reduce pollutionsˇAand inspire consciousness & participation of people, in order to achieve the benefits of environment protection.

Environmental Policy
During the business operations, the Group will incorporate principles, requirements, and objectives of environmental protection, in order to promote public awareness, and optimize the resource consumption. The Group aims to comply with all statutory environmental protection regulations, and to achieve continual improvement on environmental protection performances.

Environmental Objectives

The Group is committed to achieve the following environmental objectives:
  • To consume natural resources responsibility, and to recycle such resources whenever possible.
  • To reduce pollution and waste feasibly during operations, and to handle wastes in the most environmentally friendly manner.
  • To conduct Environment Aspects Identification and Assessment regularly, and establish the respective control and measurement activities, in order to improve the Groupˇ¦s performance in environmental protection
  • To inspire our suppliers and subcontractors to observe and comply with the Groupˇ¦s environmental policies
  • To raise the awareness of environmental protection to all staffs and stakeholders, and to share the commitment in environmental protection.
  • To promote the best practice in environmental protection.
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    *Remarks: Zinifex Ltd. is a member of Nystar Group from 1 Sept 2007.
    ^ The business of Lee Tai Precious Metal Co., Ltd. is transferred to Lee Sing Materials Co., Ltd. since 1 June 2008.